Thursday, 8 March 2012

Iceotopes innovative solution tackles the energy costs and environmental footprint associated with data centre...

Iceotope, the producer of the first truly scalable data centre ready integrated cooling and compute solution, is launching at CeBIT. This innovative approach to tackling energy costs and environmental footprints, combines industry standard ICT with next generation liquid cooling to deliver 24/7 free cooling for ICT, anywhere on the planet. This results in saving 97% of the energy cost of cooling and more than 75% of the mechanical costs. With Iceotopes unique liquid cooling system, all electronics are encapsulated in a sealed unit containing 3Ms Novec as the inert coolant. This reduces the power consumed at a server level by eliminating the need for any fans. Novec rapidly convects the heat away from the electronics, and then transfers it to a sealed low pressure gravity fed sub system. The heat can then be passively cooled or repurposed to centrally heat or provide hot water to other buildings, facilities or office spaces. No chillers, no CRAC, no waste.

Commenting on Novecs suitability for use in Iceotope servers, Adrian Hyner, sales manager at 3M said, Novecs safe, sustainable chemistry provides an excellent balance between performance, safety and the environment. By using an inert chemical coolant as opposed to potentially flammable solutions as used in alternative liquid cooling platforms, data centre owners can improve safety while making a dramatic overall reduction in electricity costs.

Jon Summers, senior lecturer and researcher, institute of thermofluids, at Leeds University, has been instrumental in the research into Iceotopes new system. "It is time that efforts were focused on the efficiency of internal cooling of information systems in data centres, said Summers. Using air is an easy engineering option, but certainly not efficient. Therefore the use liquid encapsulation of the electronics in the Iceotope system offers an elegant engineering solution with a definite efficiency gain." Researchers predict that the worlds data centres will consume 19% more energy in the next 12 months than they have in the past year, said Peter Hopton, founder and CTO of Iceotope. In order to try to combat this increase in power consumption, we need to start looking to technology that will help to not only reduce environmental footprint, but also help reduce the costs associated with power and cooling in data centre and HPC environments. Through our research with Leeds University and 3M, were excited about the impact our solution will have on data centre design and location, and were looking forward to demonstrating the new product at this years CeBIT.

08 March 2012