Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Iceotope wins Startup Product of the Year

Guests gathered at Dartmouth House, Mayfair, last week to celebrate their achievements and the participants represented the very best and most innovative cases within the IT industry today.

This award acknowledges Iceotope’s innovative liquid cooling system, launched earlier in the year, which can provide full-time free cooling for IT anywhere on the planet. Techworld’s Startup Product of the Year award is given to ‘the best and the brightest innovators’ and is intended to predict the products and services which will most impact the IT industry in the future and business practices in general.

Sheffield's Iceotope was recognised not only for its current application within the IT industry, but also its capability to address some of the most pressing issues expected to arise in the future – including IT’s rising energy usage, the spiralling costs of running a data centre and the need to find sustainable IT solutions.

Peter Hopton, CTO at Iceotope, says, “We are thrilled with this win for our cooling solution – years of research and development have been involved, and we have had fantastic support from organisations like 3M and the University of Leeds throughout. It’s great to see this hard work being rewarded and knowing that truly innovative and disrupting technology still gets the recognition it deserves."