Monday, 21 January 2013

The Future is Changing. Take Your Place in it.

Iceotope is a disruptive market entrant whose technology solves some of the most pressing challenges facing today’s datacentre operators. Following university collaboration on advanced fluid dynamics, the combination of IT and mechanical engineering, and an extensive beta testing phase – Iceotope has developed an integrated cooling system for datacentre and High Performance Computing (HPC) facilities that uses a fraction of the natural resources, such as energy and water, of other solutions.

Iceotope’s liquid cooling system is the only one of its kind in the world. It allows datacentres to run neutral in terms of heat, resulting in a reduction of cooling power costs of up to 97 percent. The Iceotope Solution doesn’t require fans, chiller equipment or any other complex and expensive supplementary systems as part of the cooling process. This cuts infrastructure and operating costs, as well as total energy bills and emissions. It uses just 80 watts of power to cool 20kW of ICT. This equates to an overall reduction in energy consumption of 50 percent.

Able to be located anywhere, the Iceotope Solution can be deployed in industrial spaces or populated areas. With input water temperatures of up to W4 on the ASHRAE water cooling tier (that’s 45°C maximum), full time free cooling in any climate becomes a reality, even in equatorial or hostile environments. Completely silent and clean in operation, the Iceotope Solution is also dust and humidity safe, meaning that servers can be located in environments that were previously considered unsuitable for datacentre use. This means that even the hottest environments, where cooling can be a real difficulty and ultimately an environmental hazard, can run efficiently.